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Job Summary

To set the highest standards in all areas of the coffee shop, including customer experience, workplace culture and financial results. The senior barista is responsible for effectively addressing the needs of every Coffee Guru customer as a top priority and is responsible for the training and development of all team members.

Primary Objectives

As a Coffee Guru senior barista, you will be responsible for the day-to-day store operations. You are accountable for the efficient introduction of and adherence to all Coffee Guru operational standards and output including procedures, policy and process.

Reporting Relationships

This position reports directly to the manager. All communication between yourself and employees should be undertaken professionally and with respect.

Barista Skills:
Adjust Grinder- to adjust the grinder to the correct
Heating the milk- Heating to a consistent temperature each time. For an average coffee heat to between 60-62°, for hot heat to between 65-70° and for extra hot 70-73°
Prioritising- Being able to prioritise between have here and takeaway coffees. Deciding what needs to be done now and what can wait.
Timing shots-Ensuring each shot is pouring within the desired time frame
Texture of Milk- Ensuring your milk is frothed to a smooth consistency. Stretching the milk in the first 40° of heating. Creating a whirlpool when heating your milk
Thinking Ahead- When in a rush, being able to determine which milk and how much you will need to froth etc
Flavour Profile- Ensuring every coffee you serve tastes consistent. This can be done by ensuring tamp, shot time, milk and pour is consistent each time
Produce Latte Art-To start learning and playing around with different patterns on coffees

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