About Us

We exist to help capture what is most fundamental & unique to the human spirit - personality.

Our Story

In 2020 with COVID-19 hitting the world, Andrew Dewez and Dr Sam Prince began building the World's fastest hiring experience to help connect Gen Z and young Millenials to the best food service, retail and hospitality jobs in Australia.

The fundamental insight at the time was paper resumes and CV's were no longer an efficient way to hire for customer facing roles. Rather, what is most important is personality, and people should be hired for who they are.

Our Team

Andrew Dewez

CEO + Co-Founder

Andrew started out his career in the applied science field, where he created his first venture Yoonify. However, Andrew quickly worked out he needed to learn from more experienced entrepreneurs, and apprenticed under Stephen Chapman & Dr Sam Prince. In Andrew's apprenticeship he worked as the first employee in Shine Drink, a company recognised as Australia's fastest growing functional beverage, located in over 5,000 outlets.  Shine was featured in the AFR, and on popular news channel outlets such as Channel 7 and was awarded a Telstra Business award in 2019.

Sam Prince


Sam founded the QSR Mexican restaurant chain Zambrero as a medical student in 2005 which he grew rapidly to over 200 restaurants globally by 2019. Sam has a long list of awards for his success in business and aid-work including 2012 ACT Young Australian of the Year,  2012 Ernst & Young ACT Entrepreneur of the Year, the Junior Chambers International ‘Outstanding Young Person of the World’ 2008.

Key Advisors

Stephen Chapman

Steve is the CEO & Co-Founder of Shine Drink. Shine is Australia's first Nootropic Drink, developed in 2016 to help people think, feel and do better. Shine is made with natural nootropics, low sugar and great flavours to energise and awaken the mind.

Steve started his career at PwC but left the corporate world after 2.5 years to launch his first startup at the age of 20, a social-commerce platform and app. In 2013, he met and started anEntrepreneurial Apprenticeship with Dr Sam Prince and worked alongside Sam for 3 years before they launched Shine together.

Guy Haslehurst

Guy is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years experience dedicated to entrepreneurial businesses in both an advisory and operational capacity. The last 6 years in the role of a Chief Financial Officer scaling entrepreneurial businesses. Prior to this Guy spent 12 years with Ernst & Young working primarily in the transaction advisory team.